We enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscence, looking through old newspapers postcards and old fashion knitting patterns. Sparking lots of conversation between the residents, which we all enjoyed over tea and... View Article

Meet Resident Rosemary

Rosemary is a local lady and was actually born in Hampden Park. She is now 94 and has lived at Inglewood for a little while now. She has always enjoyed... View Article

Meet our Administrator, Pam

Pam has worked at Inglewood Nursing Home for 19 years. Previously, she worked in the manufacturing industry, for a clean air company making clean air cabinets for the microelectronic industry.... View Article

NCS comes to Inglewood

NCS was founded in 2012 after the London riots to give young people a good name and break the stereotypes we hold teenagers too. The programme consists of four phases:... View Article

Meet Resident Mollie

Mollie was the youngest of 4 children, she had a brother and two sisters. She went to a small private school but had to leave to look after her mother... View Article

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