Rani Raju

Our managerAbout Rani

Rani is a registered nurse who trained in Yorkshire and came to Inglewood as a nurse in 2006. She has worked her way up through clinical lead, deputy manager and, for the last three years, has been registered manager of the home.

“My lifelong dream is to maintain a positive and comfortable environment here at Inglewood with every resident feeling excited to join our family.”

Rani RajuHome Manager

Our home manager is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, carers, housekeeping, activities, facilities, administrative and catering staff who all receive regular in-house training from our learning and development team.

Many people have concerns about moving into residential care, so we invite you and your family to come to our home and meet our staff and other residents. We aim to offer a comfortable ‘home from home’ in pleasant surroundings where you are looked after by compassionate carers with whom you can build a close relationship.

We have seen many of our residents’ lives transformed by coming to live here. They have found that being looked after took a huge weight off their mind and the social life is a breath of fresh air! Even if you like to spend a lot of time by yourself, you will find that Inglewood offers you the opportunity to participate in interesting and varied activities or will support you to pursue a favourite hobby.

We never forget that this is your home. It is important to us that you feel completely at home, with the freedom to live your life as you choose with the comfort and reassurance of a committed and caring team of staff.