An active life is a healthier life, and can help to keep you more alert and mobile. It’s also more fulfilling, and joining in with activities helps you to make new friends and become part of life here at our home.

Our activities co-ordinators are dedicated to making sure that your days are filled with interesting things to do, with a choice of activities. The team runs many of the activities themselves, with the help of visiting specialists in music and exercise.

We create a monthly programme of activities ranging from entertainments like visiting singers and film matinees, to painting and crafts, baking, gardening, quizzes and yoga. If your own preferred hobby isn’t on the list, we can help you to continue with it. Even if you find moving about difficult, it is still important to get as much exercise as possible, so we also organise gentle exercise sessions, to help keep you mobile.

Many of our residents love animals, and have enjoyed having pets in the past, so we have regular visits from friendly dogs, and some of our residents’ visitors are able to bring their own dogs with them.

Family and friends are welcome to join in with activities, and we also organise special events, like our annual summer fête, where we invite your family, friends, local community groups and even the local Mayor along. If you like to get out and about, we can arrange for someone to go shopping with you, and the activities team also arrange group trips and meals out.

Or it might be that what you want is as simple as someone to sit with you and read the paper, talk about things that are important to you, or help you keep in touch with your loved ones via post, email or Skype. Whatever you prefer, the choice is yours.

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