Becoming A Resident

At our home, what you do in your daily life is driven by you, so there really is no such thing as a typical day.

From how you get up in the morning, to where you have your meals, we help you to live your life as you want to. Mealtimes are an important part of life, and our head chef produces delicious, nutritious meals to stimulate your appetite. We encourage you to eat together in our spacious dining rooms, as itis a great opportunity to socialise with new friends, but if you prefer to eat in your own room, your meals can be served to you there. Your friends and relatives are welcome to join you, and in the summer you can all enjoy al fresco meals together in our lovely gardens. Drinks and snacks are always available in our lounges, should you feel peckish in between meals.

Visiting time is unlimited, so your visitors can come and go as they, and you, wish. As well as joining you for meals, they can take part in activities with you, and of course, you can go out with them whenever you want to, and feel up to it.

You will be cared for by a highly skilled, experienced team, who have your dignity, personality and need for privacy at the heart of everything they do. At our home, quality of care is not just about the practical aspects of meeting your health needs.

Your emotional wellbeing is equally important, and you will find a team here with compassion and warmth, and a genuine interest in you. There is always plenty to do and we are dedicated to helping you to fill your days with meaningful, enjoyable activity, with an active social life.

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