Inglewood Nursing Home


Meet our Administrator, Pam

Pam has worked at Inglewood Nursing Home for 19 years. Previously, she worked in the manufacturing industry, for a clean air company making clean air cabinets for the microelectronic industry. Pam then decided that it was time for a change and after seeing the receptionist role at Inglewood decided to apply. Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful and they offered the role to someone with experience in the care sector. However, 3 weeks later they called her back in, interviewed again and they offered Pam the position – and she’s never looked back!

Inglewood is like an extended family to Pam and they call her ‘the mother of the staff’, which she likes! Pam said “I love the atmosphere and I love to see the residents. There have been some really funny things that have happened but we are laughing all the time. It’s great fun working here, I love it and always have. There is the joke that I will not retire but will just go into a room!”

Outside of work Pam loves to spend time with her six granddaughters, and was there at the births of every one! Pam has a small family, but a very close one and she says ” we’re always there for each other. They all call me Grandma except Lily the youngest who calls me MarMar.”

Some things you may not know about Pam…

I like to go out for meals – it’s the puddings I love! I’d rather have to puddings rather than a main meal. On my 38th wedding anniversary I had an Eton Mess that was to die for!

I like to go to different places each year but I am off to Disney again this year with 3 of the grandchildren, I have been 8 times now but this is the last time…I promise.

The best piece of advice I could give anyone is be happy and try everything once.

I like to keep trendy as I can for my grandchildren, and the nose piercing is a testament to that. About 2-3 years ago I went to Brighton with my granddaughter Courtney because she wanted her nose pierced and she wanted me to have it done with her. The next day she went to School and they weren’t happy – why have you got that – because my grandma went to have it done so I had it done with her! I draw the line at any other body piercings though.

I left school at 14, my mother told me I wasn’t bright enough and needed to go and earn some money. I earned £1.50 a week in a florist and out of that I paid my mother housekeeping and still managed to buy a new dress every week! My sister was earning more than me in an office job, so I became an office junior earning £5 per week. I went on from there to do a day release course and did my shorthand and typing. At the age of 66 I have just passed my Level 3 Diploma in Management.

I met my husband through a separated, singles and divorced club, I had already been married, albeit briefly before, and a friend of mine wanted to go. It was the first time I had been, and I met my future husband. It was love at first sight. A year later and my first child came along.

And when asked, what is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done, “I have always been squeaky clean and never in trouble with the police although I was a bit of a devil as a teenager!”