Inglewood Nursing Home


NCS comes to Inglewood

NCS was founded in 2012 after the London riots to give young people a good name and break the stereotypes we hold teenagers too.

The programme consists of four phases:

Phase 1. One week at an activity centre doing activities like 3G swing, raft-building, Jacobs ladder, ab-sailing all in aid of team building.

Phase 2. The team head to Canterbury University to learn about uni life and learn new skills and prepare them for employment.

Phase 3. Meet Steven Lloyd (Eastbourne MP)and prepare and plan a social action project that positively impacts their local community. Team Diverse have decided they want to tackle loneliness with the elderly, and we feel incredibly lucky, that they have chosen Inglewood Nursing Home to start their project.

The NCS team joined us for an afternoon at Inglewood, and the residents loved having a group of very energetic teenagers at the home, excited to just get to know them. Common ground was quickly found, and we’re really excited to have them back very soon.

The NCS programme is fantastic, and in a tough world it makes young people more employable, and teaches them important life skills and gives them access to new opportunities.

The final stage, Phase 4 is graduation, where we celebrate their achievement.