Inglewood Nursing Home


Nutrition & Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration week took place this year from 11th – 17th March, and encourages organisations to highlight and promote the importance of nutrition and hydration within our diets.

When we get older we can become dehydrated that much easier, so within a care home, both nutrition and hydration are key focuses. We do all we can to ensure our residents get the right amount of fluids every day.

For each day of the week there was a new activity to showcase how we can hydrate ourselves effectively, with much more than a glass of water. On average food provides 20% of our fluid intake, with certain fruit and vegetables giving us many more benefits.

Key highlights for residents within the week were Melon Monday, Thirsty Thursday and Fruity Friday to tempt everyone to try something new. Melon is a great source of fluid, and with many different flavours it was a favourite for many.

Some of us may avoid tea and coffee due to the caffeine, but in the right quantities, they can also provide a great source of hydration. With so many different varieties of fruit and flavoured teas now available, thirsty Thursday gave our residents a whole host of new things to try.

The team behind the week also promotes their Global Tea Party, which allows organisations to bring people together to celebrate the week. Inglewood Nursing Home did just that, offering some delicious pastries and cakes for staff, families and residents to enjoy.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep those who are most vulnerable, like the elderly, hydrated. So, Nutrition and Hydration week has inspired us to think outside the box, educating our staff and residents on key foods that have a great nutritional value but can keep us hydrated too.