Food & Nutrition

As a member of the Canford Healthcare family you will find that there is plenty to choose from. All your meals are home-cooked in our kitchens from fresh ingredients, by our chefs and their catering team, and menus change regularly. You are offered a choice at every meal, and our catering teams are just as much part of the family as you are, so they will enjoy getting to know you and your food likes and dislikes.

Your main meal choices are carefully put together to ensure that your diet is healthy and nutritious as well as enjoyable. Lunch is usually the main meal of the day, and you will be given the menu in advance. Because everything is freshly cooked, if none of the day’s choices appeal, you can request something else. Your evening meal is usually something lighter, but again you will have three choices such as sandwiches, soup, or a hot meal – but by special request you can save your main meal for the evening rather than lunch, it is entirely up to you.

Hot and cold drinks are available whenever you feel like them during the day, and you will usually find home-made cakes on offer, or you can choose healthy and delicious fruit juices and smoothies.

If you have special dietary requirements we will make sure these are catered for. If you need a purée diet, for example, or have food allergies or intolerances, your personal care plan will ensure that our catering and care teams know this, and can make sure you get the right diet for you.

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