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Resident Mollie is the youngest of four children, and she has fond memories of her childhood.

Mollie met her husband Frederick at a wedding after they both volunteered to help with the washing up! I wiped, he washed and then he walked me home. He asked me out and on our first date he took me to Seaforth and we looked around the area and had a picnic by the river. Mollie and Frederick wrote frequently to each other during the war and they married soon after Frederick returned at the end of the war when Frederick became a builder. Throughout their married life he always helped with the washing up!


Mary has lived at Inglewood Nursing Home for a few years now. Her daughter lives close by, and Mary loves the fact that visiting times are unlimited, and says she is ‘as happy as a sandboy’ here! Mary thoroughly enjoys life at Inglewood, and is always getting involved in the activities.

Mary went to boarding school in Worcestershire when she was a child, as her parents wanted to send her somewhere safer than her home in Lincoln during the war. Later on, she worked in catering in boarding schools, including at Harrow, and today Mary thinks that living in a community is much the same whatever your age!


Rosemary is a local lady and was actually born in Hampden Park. She is now 94 and has lived at Inglewood for a little while now. She has always enjoyed living in Eastbourne and has particularly fond memories of going to the beach as a child and teenager and then taking her own children to the beach and remembers these times as good and happy ones.

Rosemary had known her husband, Raymond, from school and recalls that he asked her out very casually by saying, ‘how about seeing me’. He was a jeweller and made her some very special pieces that she treasures. They were married in 1949 and had two children.

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