Respite Care

We offer respite care for people in need of some more looking after for a short time.

Respite care is short-term, temporary care, and we provide a number of packages to suit your needs.

If you have been ill or had an accident or had to spend some time in hospital, you may not be able to go straight home. Or the family members looking after you may have their own commitments – a young family, or work, or both – and may be unable to care for your extra needs at that point.

Our caring, supportive short term care packages help people get back on their feet, cover a carer’s holiday, or provide a short term place to be looked after whilst other arrangements are made. Some of our respite care residents choose for themselves to come here. They enjoy the extra company and social life as a member of our family, and find the level of care provided by our staff reassuring and relaxing.

Respite care can be a stepping stone into long-term care. You might feel less confident about looking after yourself, particularly if you live alone.

A short stay in our home will help you to recover, and give you and your family the chance to consider your future. It may be that additional care can be arranged for you in your own home, or that physical adjustments can be made to it to enable you to cope for longer.

But you may decide that moving permanently into residential or nursing care is the right thing for you.

It is important that you feel happy with your choice. Respite care can be a wonderful opportunity to try out a particular home before making a permanent move. It gives you the chance to meet the staff and other residents, find out for yourself what the home has to offer and see what life is like here. If you wish, you will be able to join in with activities and sample the facilities.

In fact, some of our residents originally came to us for respite care, and made the decision to stay here.

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